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ADSB antenna

I was browsing through AliExpress and came across this;


Found something similar on Amazon, for a tenth of the price.

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I don’t think that they are better than a home made “spider” or “cantenna”. First of all, they are not omnidirectional.

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I agree the price is excessive but there is a bias T powered LNA built in

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I am pessimistic about the antenna and the price.
It is better to buy a decent antenna and amplifier separately.
Amplifiers are suitable for Satellite TV.

I use this antenna myself COL1090/5-H Vinnant

And such an amplifier


F plug to F jack (5-2300 MHz)

thickness as a coaxial cable
suitable for DVB-T/SAT
water resistant with rubber gasket
for outdoor mounting
frequency range 5-2300 MHz
75 ohm
max. 5 dB noise figure
gain 18 dB
power requirement 5 V-18 V/25 mA via receiver
dim.: 43 mm x ø 11 mm

The amplifier should be mounted on the antenna, not some mount on the receiver.

It receives signals within 400 km.



They can be had cheaper

They can’t be better than a good one, but they can be a lot better than a bad one!

The antenna in the OP has a 20dB amp (claimed) and possibly a SAW filter.

Site 85260 uses a basic PCB antenna. The asymmetric pattern is due to terrain, and flight path traffic rather than lobes on the antenna. That’s not to say the antenna doesn’t have lobes, just that they don’t dominate.

As low gain antennas go, PCB antennas perform ok. Adding an amp isn’t a substitute for a better antenna, but it will compensate for cable losses.

That’s an elegant amp.
I tried searching for the model number but didn’t find it.
Being a general purpose amp, it is very broadband and would probably make things worse if you are near any transmitters unless you added a filter too.
The 5dB nf leaves room for improvement, but the package make it easy to work with.

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Here’s a link.

Thanks - now I’m finding then all over the place.

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Friend of mine bought one of these (no built in LNA) and it does not perform better than his DIY spider

the only reason it would perform better is if he’d built a poor antenna.
(I’m assuming the PCB ant. performs reasonably)

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Here ya go