ADS-B antenna to receiver cable runs


Want to add external antenna to my set up. :smiley:

What type of cable and how far can I make the run?? :confused:




I am running a 50 ft RG-6 from Home Depot to a homemade groundplane antenna on the roof. Range up to 200NM where the hills aren’t in the way.


This site will let you calculate cable loss for different types of cables over different lengths and frequencies.
Joelwiley’s 50ft of RG-6 for example will loose half (!) of the received signal (3.5 dB) in the cable.
This might sound much but even the thicker and more expensive RG11/u doesn’t do much better.

So the RG-6 cable is ok. Also pay attention to the connectors, the way they’re connected, possible solder joints. At these frequencies sloppy work can easily cost you 0,5dB. Think of using a roof mounted pre-amp if you need to go a very long way down.
(good reference material)

The good news is that - given line of sight - signals are strong enough to overcome the cable/connector loss.
Being obstructed (or below horizon) signals rapidly drop and the few dB won’t help.
In summary: Prioritize on getting your antenna as high up and free as possible.