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Adding UAT to my existing setup

I recently added a filter to my 1090 setup as noted in this thread. So I now have a Pi 3B+ with a blue dongle, SAW filter and FA antenna. I am (probably) done fiddling with the gain on this new set up so I am ready to take steps to add UAT. I am currently running 3.8.0.

From a hardware standpoint I was planning to buy an orange FA dongle and to start with a cantenna (my 1090 cantenna served me well for over a year at 1090). I also have a Nooelec dongle in-house but I’m not sure I should try that one. Since I am trying to get started with UAT cheaply I wondered if I could skip a filter? I know adding a filter would be better. Or alternately is there a cheap filter available in the US? Once I have UAT running if it looks interesting I’ll invest in adding better components.

Also, I found a few discussions on setting up UAT, some are relatively old, but I am not certain how to do so with 3.8.0 if I am adding it to a running station. Is there a thread discussing this?

Thanks as always for the advice.

If you have written Piaware SD card image (3.7.2 or 3.8.0) to your microSD card, see steps 5 & 6 of this guide:

Howto : Piaware SD card image 3.8.0 Quickstart Guide

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Thanks, so the software config is very easy.