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Add Canadian Provinces

What Americans fail to understand is that Canada has Provinces just like they have states. Further to that, we use them much as Americans do. Just as you would never say, “Denver, United States” or “Los Angeles US,” we in Canada do not say, “Vancouver, Canada” or “Toronto, Canada.” Considering that the two countries are side-by-side with similar cultures and people traveling by the hundreds of thousands every day across the two borders it only makes sense to use the same format. Additionally, by saying “Vancouver, Canada” instead of “Vancouver, BC” you are making an error that is typographically, geographically and politically incorrect. It is offensive to Canadians and frankly makes you look pretty stupid! Dr. S. R. Watkins, Ph.D

In a forums and other informal discussions I’ve found that locations are usually referenced by city or region, not both. The exception is when a location name is obscure or not unique. I would refer to the locations you mentioned as Denver, LA, Vancouver and Toronto. Additional name qualification isn’t required to avoid ambiguity.

So which page are you referring to?
If you complain about something, maybe add a reference.

These look like provinces?

Everything I have seen on this site does not have Provinces, but has States. Here is one example: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/ACA#%20(e.g.%20450)

Right; so it should be: Denver CO, Los Angeles CA, Vancouver BC and Toronto On.

From an European point of view, it should just be Denver, United States.
After all it’s not showing provinces anywhere else in the world.

All depends on the viewpoint.
But if the page is focused on an US audience as it certainly is, the way it currently is makes sense.


(I get the Singapore, Singapore, Singapore one a lot…)

also https://wiesmann.codiferes.net/wordpress/?p=15187&lang=en (read the comments)

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Agreed, but the Americans do not think that way. Their ignorance about geography is only exceeded by their inability to understand anything foreign…