AAL Medical Emergency @ DFW


I do not have all the details of this situation but it is my understanding that sometime mid Sept. an American Airlines flight, inbound to DFW, with a medical emergency onboard was denied priority handling BY THE SAME STUPIDVISOR WHO MIS-HANDLED the AAL B757 fuel emergency in August '06.


Instead of being sent direct to the runway or turned onto the final as close as could be done, the Phlegm (aka supervisor - or as they liked to be called today - FLM - Front Line Mangler) ordered the final controller to turn the aircraft onto the final at what we call the trip fix, the outer fix for triple ILS turn-ons, almost 17 miles from the runway. This with a passenger on the floor of the aircraft, paddles on chest, shocking away trying to get the heart going again.

I have heard that the captain called the tracon (D10) screaming about the operation. The operations mangler in charge was originally attempting to discipline the two trainee controllers (training on other positions and not fully facility certified) but when learning that a Phlegm was responsible for ORDERING the controllers to turn the aircraft onto the final at the trip fix, he quickly backed off going after the controllers.

I have not heard of anything about this in the snews. With what’s been happening with the country’s financial meltdown along with the politicking, unless someone dies it won’t make the snews.

Anyone have any details of this situation?

Crude - D10 Escapee 12-26-06