I know that it’s possible that an airline can have the same flight number on more than one flight simultaneously, but here is a curious one:


Today (April 5, 2006), AAH 320 flies between HNL and OAK. Also, there’s a flight between Brownsville, TX and Juan Santamaria Intl. AAH is Aloha Air. The HNL-OAK flight makes sense but I wouldn’t have guessed that Aloha served Brownsville, TX and Central America. Is there another airline that has the same code? Can anyone make any sense of this?

Since there is no scheduled nonstop service between BRO and SJU, and there is a OAK-BRO flight under the same callsign between the HNL-OAK and BRO-SJO legs, I’d guess it’s a charter.

That same AAH320 shows four separate flight plans between PHNL and KOAK, two as B732/ and two as 732/Q. All four show the same times of departure and arrival.

Presumably there was only one plane and only one flight, right? What’s the deal with the four flight plans?

Looks like they refiled to correct the equipment code, and they may have changed the route or altitude with each refile. Multiple filings isn’t uncommon.

Granted that multiple filings aren’t uncommon. I’ve seen many instances here.

But do they ALL have the same arrival/departure times associated with them? Don’t they fly only ONE plan and the others ultimately drop out and go away? ‘Edit’ below]

On second glance, it appears that none of the four plans was actually flown. A reconstruction indicates that PHNL/KOAK was flown on April 4 with a duration of 5:05. After 64 minutes in Oakland, KOAK/KBRO was also flown on April 4, with a duration of 3:24. After a day’s rest on the beach, the flight continued to San Jose, leaving KBRO on April 5 at 12:58PM CDT. The arrival at MROC is not reported, as would be typical of non-U.S. destinations.

How long will the five scheduled, unflown flight plans remain on the flight’s Activity Log?

Browsnville and Central America must be some sort of out-of-the way charters. If you look at the overview map of Aloha Air:


The furthest east they normally service is Las Vegas.

Any U.S. domestic airline can fly charter to anywhere in the U.S. A charter flight to Costa Rica just takes a little more paperwork.

The main criterion, I would think, is whether someone can pay the bill.

I suspect that this flight is a bunch of college kids going to Costa Rica to do missionary work during their spring break. (Brigham Young University does have a Hawaii campus.)

About a day.

While most other airlines use flights in the 9000 series for charters and ferry flights, it appears Aloha may be using flight numbers in the 300s for this purpose:


Won’t it be great when we can finally do fleet searches (with wildcard characters) and see these results for ourselves?! I don’t know what format FA plans to use to show these results, but something like the “My Aircraft” page would be quite good.

Is there any reason why the charter series AAH 320/321/322 all show KBRO as the major destination? There seems to be something more than random coincidence at work here.

Either a big charter, or as damiross suggested, it could be maintainence in Central America; Aloha wouldn’t be the only airline that does heavy mx down there (jetBlue has it done in Costa Rica).

Appreciate the thread is 5 years old :open_mouth: but I see the members are all still active here. I just stumbled across this whilst looking for the reg of B732 on AAH320 the other day (which I’m still looking for).

The flights to MROC are maintenance flights. That’s where they get serviced. Usually every month or so they ferry across as one is coming back the other way. They don’t always fly as AAH320 but MROC-KBRO-KOAK-PHNL is always the routing.

The one I’m looking for appears to be a storage flight though as it’s gone to TUS instead. If anyone knows the reg I’d greatly appreciate it. (Pretty sure there used to be a spotter site for Cali area covering all the storage airports out there, showing interesting movements, but I’m damned if I can remember the name of it. Cactus something rings a bell??).

Cactus Wings: members.cox.net/~jetnash/.

Thanks! Yes, I did find it after posting above, however I see that it’s not been updated in over 2 years. :frowning: I asked on their new google group but it just went ignored.

If there’s anyone at OAK or TUS or connected to Aloha that can tell me what the registration was I’d greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile: