A380 cockpit


It is my opinion that this is non-religious, aviation related pretty cool site:



Are the glass panels at the end just for charts or can do they have multiple functions?


They are an integrated EFB


EFB = Electronic Flight Bad, for those non pilots.


AKA Electronics Flight Bag :smiley:


:blush: I didn’t mean to take those who were unknowing of the acronym for granted. Here’s some good info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_flight_bag


Very cool image.
Interesting tidbits:

  1. I like the landing gear position indicators. “down and FIVE green”
  2. Both sides have a tiller? Neat.
  3. Every airplane should have a pair of breasts on the center console. A+
  4. HUD only on the left side? Eh, ok, but for the biggest commercial airplane in the world I’d like to see two.
  5. Third radio tuning unit on the overhead? Seems odd. I’m sure they can cross-tune elsewhere on the FMS or MFD/PFD.


I just love the pinstripes! Pinstripes are classic. Perfect for formal or more casual occasions, the detailing on pinstriped seats spices up what otherwise might be an ordinary cockpit. It doesn’t matter what you go with–navy with gray pinstripes, gray with brown pinstripes, or black with any color of pinstripe, they are all good. And for a modern look, try matching them with a fun striped shirt and/or an argyle sweater.


Cup-holders, Cup-holders, Cup-holders! Everybody’s got two of 'em ('cept the poor guy in the left jump seat).


Yeah yeah yeah, but where’s the racquetball court? I don’t think I’ve seen that many screens since the Starship!


My favorite thing has to be the tail cam!


IIRC, there are quite a few cameras that can be scrolled through.

Looks roomy! Think they’d rent that out for a porn shoot? Coming soon…Cockpit Stewardesses Vol. 1.


Cockpit Stewardesses Vol. 1.

They have to be on Vol. 18 at least by now. I think I stole Volume 5 from my dad in the mid nineties :slight_smile: