787 battery mods at Lackland AFB (KSKF)


Picked this little tidbit up off a squawk. Boeing is doing 787 battery mods at Lackland AFB in San Antonio. There’s a UA bird inbound, direct from Narita (RJAA) as I write this and another UAL bird that came in yesterday.

flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL6 … /RJAA/KSKF


That one would make a total of 4 here, kens5.com/news/business/206498011.html

And for Bizarrebananablast…

A spokeswoman for United Continental Holdings Inc. says the first flights will be around the U.S
She says international flights will begin when the airline uses the 787 for new flights from Denver to Tokyo starting June 10.



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United will actually resume using the 787 on Domestic routes (IAH-ORD/DEN/LAX) several weeks before June 10.


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Thanks for the information, I actually saw the 787s taking off from (IAH-SKF) for the battery changes when I was down there.