360 coverage questions


I am getting very good results with a roof mounted collinear antenna but I get very few hits to the east of my location. The antenna is on the peak of my 2 story home and only have some trees in the direct line of sight to the east. There is a major airport the the south east MKE but see very few planes. I see planes to the north over 300 miles away. I also see lines of planes heading to ORD southwest from my home but they disappear once the cross the east heading. Thoughts?


Have you checked the flightpaths around the airport? There may be noise abatement rules or tall obstructions. It may be a small hillock in the way of reception in that direction


Try this site to see the absolute best case scenario for reception range. Click on ‘New Panorama’ enter your location details. Then select ‘Up in the Air’ on the map.


Guess you tried to link to the heywhatsthat.com/ site…


I was going to make the same suggestion.

Plot from your antenna position. put in the true height of the antenna above ground.

select “in the air”, then say what height of plane you’re trying to see. (do zoom out to see the range rings)

In my case I have a slight rise in land level to the SE - maybe a30 / 40ft rise, 3/4 mile away … it reduces my range in that direction so I don;t see anything below 25000ft 100 miles away … I don’t see the London airports!


Thanks for the great tool !


That so agrees with my polar diagram in Virtual Radar Server - thank you so much for this link


Yep. Whoops. Thanks.