3 Die In Vintage Helicopter Crash In Mojave Desert

The Piasecki PV-18 tandem rotor helicopter with three people on board hit power lines:

See cbs2.com/local/helicopter.crash. … 98718.html

I saw that on the news last night. N183YP has been into Corona before.

Thats ashame. How low do you have to fly to hit pwr lines?

Last time I seen a helo like that was in a movie…“The Bridges of Toko Ri”.
Probably not too many left in flying condition. My guess.

The towers for transmission lines can be, according to my research, up to 190 feet above the ground. I didn’t any indication on how low the lines themselves sag (i.e the difference in height between the top of the tower and the low point on the line).

Looking at the power lines (visible on the right side in the still frame of the video), you could easily fly under them, they appear to be high-voltage long-distance transmission lines.

The pylons and wires would be hard to not see. I can’t think of any scenarios that make sense as far as impaired visibility is concerned – fog/haze, low sun etc. That isn’t the fastest aircraft and should be quite agile, so if there is an obstacle up ahead, you should be able to avoid it. The NTSB doesn’t have the incident in its database yet, so it is all speculation at this point.

I spy duck tape!

Nicely done.

Have any words regarding the three people that lost their lives?

Well uh first I’d like to uh give a shout out to uh Dr. Joe Medicine Crow. Mostly, I’m sorry for the loss of the good people in this helicopter crash. What do you think phantomjet?

President wazzu?