2012 fly-in and event thread

I’ll start
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Collings Foundation on their annual Wings of Freedom tour. Currently in CA. collingsfoundation.org/cf_schedule-wof.htm

San Marcos, Texas KHYI Apr.28,2012

If someone plans on going, do you think you could get some video of them flying the Stearmans in formation? I’d like to see it.

I really am going to try to squeeze it in, but it’s Fiesta time in San Antonio Friday is the Battle of flowers parade, gotta work Friday night, Saturday is the night parade, Fiesta Flambeau Parade, largest illuminated parade in America!
Just like a young boy torn between Tonka trucks and titties :laughing:

Boobs and a smile or engines and wings? I’ll take the (10 of) the former, please. :smiley:

Just found out Dix-Mcguire-Laakehurst is having their open house and air show. May 12-13. jbmdlopenhouse.com/ I’ll hopefully be there taking lots of pictures and video.


No one seemed to know when that would happen. I was there almost 3 hours and just saw the veterans going up a couple at a time, between this and Fiesta I took over 1200 photos, this a slideshow of 8 that I put on Flickr flickr.com/photos/79573839@N … 6210/show/

Just ran across one more on the west coast this weekend.