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2 Pi's with same image

Just got myself a new Pi… Is there any problems in booting them both with the same image, just to see if everything works as expected? They will both have antennas connected. And they will of course double feed for a few hours while testing.

If you have both on at the same time, things can get a bit weird with two machines with the same hostname. Use rasp-config to change the hostname. (option 2 (network) then 1 (hostname)

You should also make sure if creates a new UUID. I think it will generate one automatically and then you would need to claim it again.

That being said, as cloning the image is almost as much work as just burning a new image and reconfiguring, it might be better to just start from scratch. Still would need to change the hostname.

I am using two devices as well, both feeding several sites.
Due to playing around with it, i needed to reinstall one of them several times.
The more often you do it, the faster you will be.

Meanwhile i am doing it with six different feeders and VRS installed in an hour.
Cloning the card (64 GB) isn’t faster based on the size

Beside that some sites (e.g. RB24 are based on the MAC adress, so you will need a second ID anyhow.

I hear what you are saying :slight_smile:

Last time I reimaged, incl. VRS. I used ~2 hours, but that was my first VRS installation. It’s quite more heavy then the feeders…

Now you mention it - Would I need an extra FR24 login, or can one just add a station?

OT: Recieved my Uputronics filter/LNA yesterday, i’m really impressed with it… My range doubled almost immediatly, and it is still the same shitty indoor test-setup. Gotta get one more of those for the other Pi, or is there something better?
*(No affiliation with Uputronics, just happy, and need to sell my FA and RA24 filters now)

What’s challenging for you on it?
Copy and unpack a few archives (server+plugins), run VRS to get username and password created, adjust the Mono issues -> done.

No. You can register both devices under your account.
Once done it will look like this:

Maybe not challenging, but VRS are more time consuming, vs. the feeders… I’m complete newbie, so i spend some time to read the commands, understand what they do, etc.

I’ll fire up a second setup, if my weekend allows it.

More questions will come :slight_smile:

Ok, to be fair:
It will be easier if you have set it up 20 times already. Then you know everything by heart what to think of having it running on a RPi :slight_smile:

Most folks would just copy config files.
Is that not possible for VRS and Mono?

of course it is
But there is not much editing required. Almost everything can be done via web interface.
From the steps it’s easy:

  • Install Mono-complete
  • Download and unpack the different archives for VRS to a folder you like
  • Edit a config file for getting Mono with SQLite running
  • Change Webserver port (otherwise it conflicts with Piaware port)
  • Launch VRS with option to create username and pass
  • add it either to crontab for launch on boot, or create a service

Mono itself does not need to be configured

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