1991 Cessna Citation Bravo 550


I’M SORRY IF MY WRITING OR SPELLING IS BAD, I HAVE SOME LEARNING DISABILITIES, Some guy made fun of me last time I posted something, so I’m posted this. I hate to sound stupid, but I have heard two stories. Do you need 1 or 2 Pilots to fly a 1991 Cessna Citation Bravo 550. The better part of me says 2 Pilots. A Pilot I know very well,. that flies out of KANE in a 1985 CESSNA S550 (He states it is not a Citation Bravo), he could fly the jet alone but flies with a Co-pilots for safety. Then when I Googled this question, it said 2 pilots in to search information but when I look at the information at that search Web site I could not find it. Please help!!!


The Citation II/SP (551) is single pilot rated. However the Citation Bravo (550) is not.



Thank-you for your help


You can be type rated in the 550 Bravo and get a single pilot exemption, so the answer is yes it can be flown by a single pilot.


And the ‘Bravo’ didn’t come out until the late 90’s, 1997 I believe. Like the CJ’s it comes from the factory as single pilot capable as long as the pilot has the single pilot type rating. Getting insurance is a whole ‘nuther’ story.


FAA Exemption 4050 is an operational exemption that allows the Models 550 and 560 to be flown single pilot, given some fairly strict requirements. Not sure where to find a copy of 4050 on the internet though.



The third section down is a search function for “exemption/docket number”. Type in “4050” and click search to get a list of the exemptions granted to Cessna.


I’ll co-sign on that… Also be prepared for a heck of an increase on your insurance premiums too if you want to fly a Citation Bravo single pilot!


We fly our Bravo Single Pilot. I am not sure what the other author is thinking about when he says there are “strict requirements” though. I find them to be very common sense. Thinks like a working autopilot, using a boom mike (headset) – common sense stuff. The 4050 exemption is for the Single Pilot waiver from Flight Safety. Other schools have other exemptions. Our pilots use Simcom for the Single Pilot rating. Right now we are upgrading from a Bravo to an Encore. The same Single Pilot Exemption applies.