1966 USAF XB70 Valkyrie photoshoot - fatal crash . . .


On 8 June 1966, XB-70A #2 was in close formation with four other aircraft an F-4, F-5, T-38, and F-104 for a General Electric photo shoot.

With the photo shoot complete, the F-104 drifted into contact with the XB-70’s right wing, flipped over, and rolling inverted, passed over the top of the Valkyrie, struck the vertical stabilizer and left wing and exploded, destroying the Valkyrie’s rudders and damaging its left wing.



At the location of the XB-70’s crash site there is a small memorial. Here is what it looked like as of a year or so ago when I was last there.



Secret Heroes ; area51specialprojects.com/xb70_crash.html