12 Miles offshore speed limit

Hey All,
I know the 250 does not apply if greater than 12 miles offshore, but if you are on an airway or arrival, does the 250 now apply?

IIRC, here is where altitude comes in, especially if on an arrival. Take FICKY.LEENA4 into KLAX for example. You’ll be generally given the 12000 crossing restriction at GOATZ, but are given a hard speed restriction at SXC. But by the time you cross BAYER at 10000, you’re still at least 20nm offshore (BAYER being SLI R-148, 20DME).

My point is that you’re probably going to be bound by the arrival regardless of being that far offshore. As far as being on an airway, it would depend on how you’re flying. I’d have to look that up in the AIM or FARs, but there isn’t anything in the .65 that I can think of that would restrict that on an airway…


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Actually on that arrival you are restricted to 250 at the Catalina VOR anyway.

Look up 91.117(a) and 91.703.

The 250 speed limit is specifically exempted while operating outside the US. That is how we can sometimes get the 250 speed limit waived overseas.

Like tyketto said. Basically it is the least common denominator. If there is a speed restriction on the arrival or you are given a restriction that supersedes the offshore requirement.

We get it all the time on the DEKAL1 down here. The STAR says to expect 250kts and 99% of the time they give it to you.