1 flight number 2 legs

I just started using your Iphone application and it seems to work really nice.
I just have one issue I can’t find the solution for.

For example United flight 944 serves DEN to ORD and then from ORD to FRA under the same flight number.
When I do a FLIGHT search on UA944 I only get the DEN-ORD as displayed result.
When I do the ROUTE search from ORD to FRA it gives me UA944 as result but when I click on it it gives me again only the DEN-ORD part and not the ORD-FRA part.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.
Thanks for any help

The iPhone client only shows the flight closest to the current time. Try the mobile site in Safari for more control; the LA-Chicago leg operates at UAL944J (flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL944J).