you know what we need at this site....


a composite moisture stability chart.

that would be golden 8)

speaking of which, anyone know of any sites that has that? (along with rest of the charts like weather depiction etc etc)

quick edit:

duat seems to have it :slight_smile:


You mean like a water vapor satellite pic?
If so, they have those at

#3 for aviation related weather.



yeah, good luck reading the one aviation weather has. its a TIFF that you have to download, and stretch to get it to look right

no… a comp moisture stability chart is diff.

anyone even know what that is?


Ease up chief, first of all, but you are talking about moisture stability chart is something I have not heard of spoken in that term (I even Googled it before responding), but if you are talking lift index charts, then maybe I can help. At least something was provided for you, my apologies for not meeting your standards.

Did you try SPC website? click on the mesoanalysis square of interest and click on thermodynamic to expand the menu option to get LI and CAPE values.

While it is designed from a weather point a view and not an aviation point of view, it should give you what you are looking for?

DUATS version of the LI maps is at



sorry ddue, I didn’t mean to come off agressive like that :slight_smile:

if you google comp moist stability chart, you are presented with what you refer it to as saying :slight_smile: (some call it lift/k index chart)

if you look in the FAA 45F weather book, you will see thats what they call it too :slight_smile:

anyways, thanks though! :slight_smile:


I checked with an aviation meteorologist and he had never heard of that term. I suspect that it is another terms for one of the many measures of atmospheric stability that is available such as lifted index or CAPE.