XML2: Incorrect flight times for Ryanair


Hi there,

Using your API to power an iOS app. Currently dog fooding and noticed that you do not seem to have the most recent flight times for Ryanair.

Specifically FR1534 on Tue June 4, which is scheduled for 6:30am but appears as 6:50am.

They had multiple changes recently, some flights got cancelled completely and many changed their departure and arrival by 20 or 30min.
Not sure where you get your data, but these should definitely be updated.


One of the ways Ryanair saves money is by not participating in the airline data exchange associations that we rely partially upon.


Interesting you mention this, since it seems like one of the ways you are saving money.
Looking at FlighStats, which provide the Google flight data and even Flightradar24, both have the updated times which match the data on the Ryanair website.

Maybe there is another data provider with more reliable data than what you are using now.
Maybe you don’t see the priority in this, but it’s your responsibility to provide correct data, especially when you are charging your users.


We have identified another provider that we can utilize for Ryanair, so things may improve in the coming weeks after we implement the new data source.


Has any progress been made with this data source for Ryanair?


The new feed (from Ryanair directly) went into service a few weeks ago and was working well, but it just broke again a couple days ago. We’ve already attempted to contact them about the failure but are still waiting.