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X47 controller

I found this to be amazing… this uav is controlled by an arm mounted controller. :open_mouth:

That is pretty amazing.

A robotic airplane being controlled by cyborgs on an airport on a floating city that can travel to any part of the planet without refueling.
Wish I could go back to 1903 and tell Wilbur and Orville about this stuff… they would be even more amazed. :open_mouth:

It’s not being “controlled” by either of the men wearing manual controllers. It is being marshaled within a narrow confine defined within the aircraft’s computer flight parameters. They couldn’t, for instance, taxi it off the side of the flitedeck, nor can they takeoff and orbit the boat.

They can taxi it to the CAT, line it up, and turn control over to the onboard processor before watching it launch.

thank you for clarifying…

heres another photo of the manual controller

On board processor? I thought it was some kid on an XBox that was flying these things this whole time!

maybe…maybe… :unamused:

Looks like a scaled down Proton Pack from Ghostbusters. just don’t cross the streams…

lol :mrgreen: