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Why does not the flight appear on the web or in the api?



Why does not the flight (P57083) appear on the web or in the api and other websites if it appears?


You must use the ICAO code for best results:

Additionally, you may need to enable “position only” flights on your account in order to see these flights since that airline does not seem to reliably transmit flightplan information to us.



Thanks for your reply.
I have made the changes you have indicated and many data appear!
His indications have been very useful, but I still can not find all the data I need, since the flight does not appear for me on May 17 and on other websites if it was included.

Why is the flight still not available for May 17?



That airline is operating outside of our primary coverage area, so flight tracking quality will tend to be less reliable there. In particular, as I mentioned in my prior message, that airline is not reliably transmitting flightplan information to us so we only are able to show their flights when we receive sufficient ADS-B positions while in flight.