Which Class fits my needs?



I need help figuring out which class of service we need from your API.

Our Risk Management System clients would like us to add the tracking of shipping company flights to our supply chain management services. So we would be looking to follow the flights of 50-100 flights at any given time. We also want to know when the flight officially departs and arrives, as well as seeing the flight path of the aircraft based upon flight plan. Clearly we would want to only be showing particular flights from a small set of carriers. We have our own mapping system, as expected, so only need the data streaming for which ever flights we send you information about. Thank you for your attention to our request. We are eager to integrate your services.


The class isn’t so much something you select, but a result of the queries you make.

FlightInfoEx provides basic flight tracking information, and is billed as a class 3 query.

GetLastTrack or GetHistoricalTrack for getting the actual flight track are billed as class 2 queries.