What's wrong with this plane?

I’m bored at work window shopping and ran across this one. Other than having higher than normal hours and probably being used as a trainer (it’s owned by the University of North Dakota), why is this plane priced like it is? From the pictures, it looks to be immaculate - maybe I’m just off on what this plane is worth? Let’s play find the problem. Man, I want my own plane so bad…

controller.com/listingsdetai … 162024.htm

It’s flown for hours every day for nearly a decade, probably has tens of thousands of cycles, and needs a new engine (>US$40k installed) for the 3rd time.

I was figuring everything that you said (in regards to the hours/cycles), but had no idea a new engine would run that much! Seriously?!? I was thinking that it was probably needing a rebuild at the least, but was calculating on maybe closer to $20k (on the high side). I guess these are some of the “joys” that I’m missing out on ownership then. Maybe I don’t really want a plane as bad as I thought I did.

I don’t know why I said new engine. You’re right; you could get it overhauled for closer to $20k.

Thanks for the clarification (as well as your behind the scenes on my favorite website). In the long run, you’re probably right - by the time everything has been overhauled/repaired/replaced, you’re probably looking at closer to 40k than 20k I’d imagine. The fact that it has a brand new interior (prior to being sold) probably says alot about the use it’s seen. I guess just because it shines like new doesn’t mean much…

lol problem 1 is it comes from UND

problem 2 is the seller can’t spell

problem 3 is (as has already been discussed here) you will be investing in a new or overhauled engine in very short order

the good news is, these Cherokees are pretty slick fun little airplanes and great for IFR.

You think 7400 hours are a lot for an Airframe? cause that is a very low time airplane to me

What’s a high-time 2001 GA piston airframe have on it? :slight_smile:

I guess you could buy a 40 year old airframe with even more hours on it. Like an machine, a plane that has been used more will probably deliver fewer problems than a hangar hanger.

Lordy, I can attest to this!!! NEVER, EVER buy an underused plane. You heard it here second! (first being Wazz)

The 185 I fly just clicked 18,060 today & it’s parked next to a Lear with 20.840.
I’ve only flown a few planes with less than a 1000hrs and they all had constant squawks.

But to answer the OPs ?.
The problem with that plane is: It’s a Piper.
The only good Pipers have the little wheel in the back.

The only good Pipers have the little wheel in the back.

I love the little wheel BUT the PA-31 is a good bird also

The TT doesn’t bother me, its the 200+ over TBO. As long as its not turning metal, it could last a bit longer.

Interesting…so a high time frame is not a bad thing. But this also raises ?s from a non owner as myself. What is considered too much high time to the point of concern when looking at owning an aircraft. I’m strictly talking SE prop here. I’ve seen cessna’s that are no more than 30 yrs old with 11k plus hrs. Wouldnt an a/c with that many hrs be a concern?

If I were going to buy a single engine right now, I’d buy a high time, new generation Cessna 172 or 182. Engine time will be the biggest issue. The first question might be: how many hours per year are you going to fly your own plane?

Thats great Wazz…if you can afford it…but what about us little guys (no sexual reference intended) with a 40k or less budget?

Get a partner or buy an early to mid 70’s Cessna.

I flew a DHC-2 with over 30,000 hours on the Airframe. I fly a jet with over 12k hours on the airframe and another with 8k at 40,000 to 45,000 ft and 400+ kts.

a well maintained aircraft and properly inspected is just as good or even better then a new airplane.

Engines have a to be rebuilt, but JUST because one has been rebuilt recently don’t make it good.
Just cause old girl got some time in the sky don’t make her a bad ship. Be nice to the plane and she’ll be nice back.