What not to do - Flytecomm

Not sure if anyone has taken a look at the “improvements” made by Flytecomm. As a spotter tool, it really has become quite useless, cluttered and now they’ve limited the number of arrivals to query on per airport. I guess their aim was to have more travellers and less spotters perhaps. FlightAware is definately my favourite site now, hope it stays as user friendly as it is today.

Crikey, what a mess. :frowning: What is it with sites that makes all changes in the name of progress but just end up making the site unusable? Without wishing to start another witch hunt, this site is slowly going the same way. The maps are so glitchy now that they have been become completely unusable and I’ve had to set my browser prefs to ‘no images’ for this site now. :angry:

Flytecomm Webtrax used to be a cool little site at one time. I wish red1 was still around. That was the best one of the lot imho in terms of flight content and ease of use.

Yeah, but they USED to be great for tracking blocked numbers. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work anymore :frowning: