Tyler Perry

Does anyone know the tail number or type of plane that Tyler Perry owns? Thanks for any help.

Think you have trouble keeping track of your car keys? Talk to Tyler Perry. “Since 1998, I’ve had maybe 16 cars,” says Perry. “I’ve got a Bentley GT sports coupe and a Rolls-Royce and a Range Rover.” And don’t get him started on air travel. His first private jet was “a nightmare,” he says. “Bad weather and I bounced all the way in there.” So he was forced to lease a bigger jet. Forget first class. “I use Marquis Gulfstream or Falcon,” he says. “I know where the bathroom is, I know where everything is.”

August 09, 2004 Vol. 62 No. 6 - People Magazine

Looks like he uses (or at least used) Fractional, BTW I had to google who he was



Naturally it is blocked.

He bough a very high time GIV…ex NetJets.