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Two Ilyushin Il-76 Candid's collide landing/takeoff accident

MAKHACHKALA, January 15 (RIA Novosti) - Four people were killed, five injured, and one went missing as two Il-76 Candid airlifters collided on the runway of the airport in the capital of the southern Russian republic of Daghestan, police said Thursday.

An airport spokesman said earlier: “As an empty Il-76 was taking off from Makhachkala airport, another Il-76, with servicemen on board, was landing. The landing aircraft clipped the cockpit of the Il-76 that was taking off with its wing, and the cockpit caught fire. Firefighters extinguished the flame.”

A source in the Russian aeronavigation service said earlier that those killed were members of the crew of the plane that was taking off, adding that there were 31 passengers in the landing plane and all came out alive.

Ilyushin 76 info page

Have you got any more informations about that accidennt, collided Ilyushins

Aircraft involved were;

Ilyushin 76MD RA-76825 which was departing.
3 fatalities among the 7 on board.

Ilyushin 76MD RA-76827 which was landing.
31 on board, no fatalities.

Click Here for Aviation Safety report and released animation of accident.

I took all of details of this event.
It is a miracle taday that SU Airways on the water and the other in Makhachkala is terrible.