TCAS when holding short

When an ac is holding short will its TCAS issue a warning when landing ac fly past them on the way to touchdown ?
I’ve traveled in the cockpit several times but this thought never occurred to me.
If there is a warning I wonder what it would sound like.
Obviously not Climb or Descent.
Thanks in advance.

You’ll see them on the TCAS screen but you won’t get a traffic alert. The aircraft knows its on the ground

Thank you.

At what point do you switch the transponder from standby and doesn’t that start the interaction with TCAS?


Depends on the airport Jim. some airports now have ground radar and they require a transponder to be turned on anytime you are taxiing. The TCAS will show traffic when the transponder is selected to TA or TA/RA but warnings are inhibited at low altitudes and on the ground.

My Transponder is ALWAYS on.

2 switches in my jet that never get turned off-

  1. Transponder
  2. Nav lights

FYI- My TCAS is integrated into the avionics so I don’t choose TA/RA on my Transponder. It’s just a small switch to choose transponder #1 and #2.
The Aircraft knows its on the ground because of the WOW stitch.