Super J-Pole with 8 1/2 wave elements


Around 24 hours of work went into this antenna.
It has 8 1/2 wave elements with 8 hairpin bend 1/2 wave traps

Below the N-Connector feedpoint is another trap to get rid of any currents
that should not be there.

Here is a picture of the single hairpin trap.

1/2 Inch copper pipe
1/4 inch copper pipe

Yet to try it out, still too much snow on the roof that makes it too dangerous
to be up there. Still -16 here and we had a large dump of snow recently.



Great! Looks fantastic.
Eagerly waiting for trial run results.


Unfortunately, this antenna was far less effective than a can antenna.
I suspect it may be due to the wooden dowel that ran through all the sections.

My plan now is to pull it apart and try out the sections as other antennas.