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Sudden Drop Off in Messages & Aircraft Seen

About 12 days ago my aircraft seen and messages received completely dropped off a cliff. I was having a very stable setup for 2 years and then this.

I have the FA Pro Stick, filter and FA antenna. Nothing has changed on the HW setup side.
SW has been removed and reinstalled. Gain tests performed consistently give me lower numbers every time. I’m back to a -10 gain level

Could the amplifier in the pro stick have died?

Images to graphs - Drop off happened on the 5th August

Check your antenna & cabling - maybe something is loose or you have water ingress etc.

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What was happening the next days after the drop every morning? There’s a signal level change which should not be the case.

Did you run a gain automization script on these nights?
Beside the messages and the aircrafts also the range dropped.

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@foxhunter correct… I was running the weidehopf autogain script. I had forgotten about that

I removed all of that, reinstalled the dump1090-fa sw, piaware sw and set the gain back to normal

@obj I’ll check the cabling… thanks for the suggestion

checked the connection at the antenna and there was water in there… dried it out, reconnected it, resealed and all my planes are back!! :slight_smile:

Thanks @obj

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That wasn’t the problem obviously :slight_smile:

But it’s easy enough to set the gain manually.

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You should wrap your outdoor connections with some silicone sealing tape.
Awesome stuff.

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