Stop or Start dump1090-mutability for Local Only Use


To ADSB Receiver Project,
Please add simple effective and quick way to start or stop dump1090-mutability. Command line is fine up to so many times typing it then it gets motonous. This is good for people who want to switch between SDR programs for multiple uses using the RT-SDR.

Also in case something might go wrong in a server hosting beast and mlat data to Flightaware. I think it will be good in case a dongle gives out or the server host has some kind of error that correcting it involves shutting down dump1090-mutability. This would be a quicker method.

Thanks for your help.



sudo systemctl stop dump1090-mutability 

to stop and typing

sudo systemctl start dump1090-mutability 

can get tiresome, especially if one needs to do it often. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Linux has command history - ctrl-r + a partial string recalls Linux commands in history. There is a key labeled ‘ctrl’ on most keyboards - while pressing that key, press the letter ‘r’ to recall command history one line at at time. If you press additional letters after ctrl-r Linux will try to recall the command with those letters - partial match.

So cntrl-rsto might recall the command sudo systemctl stop dump1090-mutability
Similarly cntrl-rsta might recall the command sudo systemctl start dump1090-mutability

Details may be found by search for all the many things one can do with Linux command history.

Alternative is to define Linux command aliases (shortend commands) for you start and stop strings.
Some examples: (add to the file .bashrc, for example to make the command stick upon login):

alias dstop='sudo systemctl stop dump1090-mutability piaware'
alias dstart='sudo systemctl start dump1090-mutability piaware'

After making changes, log out and back in. The commands dstop and dstart will now do the same work as typing out the entire stop and start commands.

I added stopping and starting piaware in this example if one happens to feed FlightAware, this way the feeder won’t be filling up the logs when the dump1090 process is down. Add the name of your feeder in place of ‘piaware’ in the above. In the examples, I ‘assume’ a ‘Stretch’ version of the operating system. The syntax to stop and start for older jessie and wheezy versions of O/S will be different.


You are aware that FA recommended installation is using in-house version “dump1090-fa”?
Why you feel that they should add support for something else?

Besides that, you can write the codes in a text document? Use Ctrl-c in Notepad followed by right click in the terminal’s SSH window.


I appreciate your feedback and listening to me. I might even figure out how to make it work as a desktop shortcut. I also appreciate Flightaware and it’s developers for giving us a chance to have a voice by allowing us to provide input on our ideas without question.

I still feel like it is a very viable feature for future development. Virtual Radar Server, for example, has a function to Start/Stop the radio. I feel like ADSB Receiver Project could afford it.

Also the availability of ADSB Receiver Project is very open to the public. I am pretty sure they know not everyone is going to have the same purpose in mind like running it 24/7 isn’t my intent. I am geared toward changing the usage regular of my RTL-SDR. I like ADS-B and will always use ADSB Receiver Project. It is still a good program.

I would expect the same thing if I had used SourceForge to host a branch or a fork of a branch to the public. That’s part of the open nature of Linux globally. Anyone can feel ‘free’ to do what you want within the scope of GPL and other licenses attributed. Isn’t it lovely? I love Penguins. Tux is a good guy.

I wish I could say the same thing about Microsoft.