Southwest 595 into MSY 9/23/2010

We were hauling a… landing at MSY this afternoon. According to the track log the latest advisory was 500 feet at 196 mph. Any idea how fast this 737-300 touched down? I have never felt like I landed at such a high rate of speed in all my years of flying.

What is the normal speed at touchdown for this ship? I would guess you wouldn’t see that much of a drop in airspeed from 500 feet to TD.

Hearing what the ATIS at KMSY was at the time may be a good indication. Do you happen to know what time you landed? The airport may have had some low level windsheer advisories in effect, which the gains/losses may have played a factor.

Normal touchdown speeds would depend on payload, aircraft configuration (flaps, slats, etc.), all the way up to type of approach (visual vs. instrument), displaced threshold on the runway… A lot of things come into play.


It always seemed to me with southwest, you’re coming faster than you need to. I think I’ve had more flights with them were I hit the seat in front of me then not.