SMA Splitter suggestions?

Anyone have any suggestions for splitting a SMA ADSB signal to two receivers? So many options out there when I was looking on Amazon and other places I want to make sure I’m getting the right thing. Looking for something relatively inexpensive available in the USA by the way. Thanks!

Checkout this thread…

I used the following with great success.

I go with Mini Circuits, usually available on eBay, such as the ZX10-2-20-s+, which goes for around $20 used.
Also ZFSC-2-11, ZFRSC-42, and a lot more – look at the specs for coverage at 1 GHz. Most of the Mini Circuits parts are very wideband.

Of course a good 75-ohm sat splitter will work as well, for a third the price. Combine that with a sat diplexer providing high-pass filtering (discussed widely on these forums – I’ve posted frequency response plots of a couple of them), you can have high pass and splitter for under $10. If you still want SMA, then pick up some SMA - F adapters on eBay (my lab buddy Mike runs away crying out “Unclean! Unclean!” and flailing his arms in horror).

I already have an investment in SMA connectors, cables tools, (including SMA torque wrenches), 3.5mm precision, and more for RF - ham work.

My conclusion is that unless you’re doing things which require precision 50 Ohm GHz signal handling, you’re better off with 75 Ohm components and cables – to match the performance of 75-Ohm satellite cables at 1 GHz you have to spend a lot more money at 50 Ohms, for cables and connectors.

But hey, whatever floats your boat. Have fun.

bob k6rtm