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Slow-CPU setting causin MLAT issues

After upgrading to 6.0 on my PiZero I starting getting an orange MLAT warning with a “local clock unstable”" message. After a while it goes back to green but it returns to orange after 1 or 2 minutes.

It seems I isolated the problem to the new Slow-CPU setting which should be beneficial for my PiZero, but apparently it’s not/ Although it reduces my CPUusage % when enabled (“auto” or “yes”), it brings up the orange message.

Is anybody else experiencing the same.?

Yes a few did have that problem 
but it seems to have settled now all good 

No as far as I understand what was fixed was the issue with UDP traffic, but I’m still experiencing “clock unstable” when slow-cpu=yes. If I turn it off it appears again.

slow-cpu should improve PiZero’s performance, but it is useless for me.

Strange; that’s not an expected effect of slow-cpu.

slow-cpu ends up passing --adaptive-duty-cycle 10 --no-fix-df to dump1090 when a “slow” CPU is detected. Neither of those should affect mlat. --no-fix-df is the more likely suspect since it affects the demodulator; I’ll take a look at that.

Any findings on this issue?


No luck yet, sorry. (20 characters)