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Site cannot be reached

Sorry to bother you guys again.

I decided to format and flash the SD card.
Changed my settings to ethernet.
But now when I go to skyview I get:

"This site cannot be reached" took too long to respond.
search Google for

Thanks again!



Your stats page currently shows a local IP that is .18, not .20 (see https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/esa1178)
Probably your router changed the assigned IP when you changed to wired ethernet.

Thanks OBJ!
I was using a bookmarked page…
Another question. If I am using a 25’ coxial with an SMA Male to F Type Female Adapter Connector.
Connecting to a DIY 1090Mhz antenna. What is the best RG to use and does it matter when it comes to signal ? The actual antenna is made up of RG6 and then 25’ of RG6 to the Pi. I am going to replace the 25’ anyhow cause one end has a screw on connector and I would prefer preattached connections. I have heard that RG11 is good. Also, as per another suggestion to me, hook up an amp. Here’s a pic of cables:


Low attenuation at 1000MHz is the main thing to look for. Secondary is to minimize the number of 50/75 transitions you have.

e.g. from the numbers above 25’ of RG174 is 8.5dB loss; 25’ of RG6 is only 1.8dB loss.

Definitely go with quad shielded RG6 if you want to stay with 75 ohms. Home Depot and most local hardware stores sell this very cheap because it is the same one used by the cable TV industry.

The cost different from going to LMR240 usually isn’t large. It is a 50 ohms coax very similar in specs to RG6.

Each 50/75 transition can add 0.7 - 2dB of connector losses. This can usually similar to the actual transmission loss for a 25 feet coax cable.

Try to keep the antenna to receiver losses below 5dB in total (add up all cables and connectors losses). The lower the total losses the better.

This has been some great feedback. Let me bounce this off you: I have an 1090Mhz Antenna MCX Plug Connector 2.5dbi gains ADS-B Aerial. Is it doable for me to run 25’ of RG6 to the roof and house the antenna in a 3" PVC pipe for protection against the elements ?


This antenna, although claims 2.5 dBi, is no better, even worst, than stock antenna supplied with the DVB-T Dongle. These are actually meant for Cell Phone frequencies, but sold as for ADS-B frequency 1090 MHz.

If you want a good outdoor antenna, purchase Flightaware 26 inch 5.5 dBi antenna from Amazon for $43.95 + Free Shipping.


Alternatively you can make yourself an antenna if you are interested in DIY.