I am in the DC SFRA. How do I file an SFRA flight plan; the only two options that I see are IFR and VFR. Your flight planning tool should permit a hybrid SFRA/VFR flight plan like the official form. Similarly, how do you file a VFR/IFR flight plan?


Kent, thanks for your feedback. You are correct that currently we only support IFR for planning (although you can manually file a VFR flight plan).

The main reason we don’t currently support DC SFRA flight plans is that our flight plan filing system uses the ICAO 2012 flight plan format to permit assignment of RNAV STARs and SIDs. DC SFRA flight plans use the FAA Domestic VFR Format.

I haven’t flown in the SFRA, but my understanding is that filing an IFR flight plan would meet the requirement to operate to/from the SFRA. If you are instrument-rated and your plane is IFR equipped, perhaps that would be a solution?

We’ll definitely look into adding support for VFR/IFR, IFR/VFR and SFRA flight plans in the future if there continues to be demand for it.