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Seven Balloons


I’ve seen a few of these “Loons” go by but never more than 2 at a time.
Interesting they are all assigned the same mode 3A squawk code.

The balloons squawk 4453, at least in the USA, unless other arrangements have been made with ATC.

The latest balloon with callsign HBAL01 has been hanging around south-central Nebraska for a week.

I too have been seeing groups of 3 or 5 Google (Loon) balloons. Weird thing is I often see a pair of balloons so close together is seems like a waste of coverage area. I guess they are at the mercy of nature.


I see a lot of balloons because many are launched about 90 miles north of me.

HBAL03 - AKA N253TH - has been aloft since July 2, 2020. It’s back home near Sioux Falls.


Date ==> Origin ==> Destination
09-Aug-20 ==> Near Madison, SD ==>
08-Aug-20 ==> Near Tekamah, NE ==> Near Sioux Falls, SD
07-Aug-20 ==> Near Hill City, KS ==> Near Tekamah, NE
06-Aug-20 ==> Near Vernal, UT ==> Near Hill City, KS
05-Aug-20 ==> Near Cedar City, UT ==> Near Vernal, UT
04-Aug-20 ==> Near Carson City, NV ==> Near Cedar City, UT
03-Aug-20 ==> Near Little River, CA ==> Near Carson City, NV
02-Aug-20 ==> Near Half Moon Bay, CA ==> Near Little River, CA
01-Aug-20 ==> Near Lompoc, CA ==> Near Half Moon Bay, CA
31-Jul-20 ==> Near Lake Havasu City, AZ ==> Near Lompoc, CA
30-Jul-20 ==> Near Albuquerque, NM ==> Near Lake Havasu City, AZ
29-Jul-20 ==> Near Clovis, NM ==> Near Albuquerque, NM
28-Jul-20 ==> Near Amarillo, TX ==> Near Clovis, NM
27-Jul-20 ==> Near Clayton, NM ==> Near Amarillo, TX
26-Jul-20 ==> Near Clayton, NM ==> Near Clayton, NM
25-Jul-20 ==> Near Plainview, TX ==> Near Clayton, NM
24-Jul-20 ==> Near Childress, TX ==> Near Plainview, TX
23-Jul-20 ==> Near Pampa, TX ==> Near Childress, TX
21-Jul-20 ==> Near Hereford, TX ==> Near Pampa, TX
20-Jul-20 ==> San Miguel Ranch (NM53) ==> Near Hereford, TX
19-Jul-20 ==> Near Grants, NM ==> Near Las Vegas, NM
18-Jul-20 ==> Near Albuquerque, NM ==> Near Grants, NM
17-Jul-20 ==> Near Clovis, NM ==> Near Albuquerque, NM
16-Jul-20 ==> Near Plainview, TX ==> Near Clovis, NM
15-Jul-20 ==> Near Canadian, TX ==> Near Childress, TX
14-Jul-20 ==> Near Childress, TX ==> Near Canadian, TX
13-Jul-20 ==> Near Plainview, TX ==> Near Childress, TX
12-Jul-20 ==> Near Childress, TX ==> Near Plainview, TX
11-Jul-20 ==> Near Garden City, KS ==> Near Childress, TX
10-Jul-20 ==> Near Atwood, KS ==> Near Ulysses, KS
09-Jul-20 ==> Helling (CO08) ==> Near Atwood, KS
08-Jul-20 ==> Near Lamar, CO ==> Near St Francis, KS
07-Jul-20 ==> Near La Junta, CO ==> Near Lamar, CO
06-Jul-20 ==> Near Johnson, KS ==> Near La Junta, CO
05-Jul-20 ==> Near St Francis, KS ==> Near Johnson, KS
04-Jul-20 ==> Near Thedford, NE ==> Near Imperial, NE
03-Jul-20 ==> Near Winner, SD ==> Near Thedford, NE
02-Jul-20 ==> Near Sioux Falls, SD ==> Near Winner, SD