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Second Raspberry setup as kiosk to constantly display local

I have recently set up a PiAware receiver. Due to the placement of the receiver, I wanted to use another Raspberry Pi connected to a large display located in the lounge area of our FBO to display the aircraft being tracked in our area by the PiAware receiver. I have set up the secondary Raspberry Pi in a kiosk mode to connect to our local network via WiFi. The PiAware receiver is also connected to the local network via WiFi. I can continuously monitor the PiAware receiver with all my windows based computers, but the Pi I am using in kiosk mode seems to cache the displayed aircraft after a few days and then it “crashes” the PiAware receiver. To get the PiAware receiver to operate again, I have to turn off the Pi kiosk and reboot the PiAware receiver. If I the reboot the Kiosk Pi, it immediately crashes the PiAware receiver again, unless I reformat and reload the SD card for the kiosk Pi. Then it works for another 2~3 days and crashes the PiAware receiver again.
Has anyone else tried this and had any success?
Any ideas about how to resolve this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Is the SD card running out of space by chance?

Hard to say what’s specifically going wrong here, but the dump1090 webserver is not exactly, uh, “production grade”. It’s possible you are hitting a memory leak or similar. Not sure why it would only be triggered by the kiosk’s browser, though.

At the risk of tooting my own horn you could try dump1090-mutability (here); it is set up so you can use a separate webserver on the Pi, e.g. lighttpd, to serve the map data, which is likely to be much more robust.

I don’t know if the SD card is running out of space, I’m using a 4GB card and all i have on it is Raspbian.
I have tried Chromium, Midori and Epiphany web browsers and they all do the same thing.
I suspect it has something to do with the fact that the kiosk Pi continues to display some aircraft and the tracking information for them long(hours to days) after they have departed our area. The windows based computers don’t do that. Perhaps it is an automatic page refresh that is needed?

This is how stock dump1090’s map display behaves if it cannot get new data from the receiver for any reason - it will silently swallow the error, and if it doesn’t update for long enough (>5 minutes) then some aircraft will get stuck. (Both fixed in dump1090-mutability)

For a fully supported solution, you might check out flightaware.com/tv/

Is FlightAware TV provided free to feeders as part of our enterprise subscription?

As part of the free enterprise account, you can do a full-screen map of a flight or airspace with no ads. But the TV product is different and not included.

Understandable. Just checking.