Run Dump1090 in docker container on Kubernetes in cloud

hi all,

I have made a demo to show how to run dump1090-mutability in a Docker container on a Kubernetes cluster in the Google cloud.
Using these techniques you will be able to run multiple dump1090 instances, horizontal scaled behind a load balancer, to serve a large audiences.
But is it also just fun to see how it works :wink:

You can find my demo on Github:

Running a dump1090 in a Kubernetes cluster makes it possible to do:

  • rolling updates of new versions of dump1090.
  • roll back to a previous version.
  • improve availability.
  • scale up and down the number of dump1090 instances depending on the number of load.

My demo cluster is hosted in the Google cloud on a 60 days/$300 free trail and will be available until 20 Juni 2016:

For those who don’t know: Kubernetes is an open source container cluster platform by Google based on their knowledge of cloud computing. You can run Kubernetes on your own hardware or on AWS (Amazon), Google cloud, Azure cloud (Microsoft) and many others.

Ted Sluis