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I have both of them, and was about to post that it was not a bias-tee, but got distracted by other things. These LNAs do work, sort of, but they are very wide. If you still want to use those, I suggest you get the FA filter, the dark blue one, available from sellers in Europe, not the light blue available in North America.

No, don’t do that.
That would feed 5v out of the RTL-SDR LNA output straight into the input of the other amp.

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Yeah connecting power directly to the rtl-sdr needs some extra components.

It’s explained on their website, but i’d recommend just using an LNA.

Thanks for the info.

I’ve ordered one of these. At this price and shipping times I should have ordered two of them.

This is the one I have. Works perfectly.

The boat from Asia is very slow these days. I rarely receive items in less than 2 months, sometimes longer than that. The last eBay purchase a couple of weeks ago lists delivery up to November.

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Still unused, untested, did not connect even once.

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How much for the combo shipped to Ottawa?:rofl:

For you gift, no charges. :slight_smile:

Want to try, but am lazy.

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I had to wait for such a long time for the bias-T to arrive from China that I drilled a hole in the RTL-SDR LNA and inserted and soldered a stripped USB-cable to the soldering pads provided for direct power input. The filtered version of the RTL-SDR LNA has even soldering pads for a missing 5V regulator chip.


Well, I feel lucky then. :smiley:

Wed, Sep 11 - Fri, Sep 20

I would still use just one amplifier until a bias-T can arrive.

Or activate the bias-T inside the dongle.

He doesn’t have a dongle with internal bias-T.

Also with a FA ProStick+, i don’t think using an LNA in front of it without extra filtering will be beneficial.

It is not only China, it is our system also.

Orangepi pc order placed 31-07-2019
After 3 days shipped by seller on 03-08-2019
After 18 days reached Canada by China Post on 18-08-2019
13 days with Canada Customs, and still counting :frowning:

Seems it is Canadian Govt’s way of discouraging imports from China. An aftermath of arrest of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou :wink:

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I have the FA light blue filter atm.

I thought he has. If not then power bot like I said, they all have capacitors on the output, no chance of sending that power anywhere else.

I have an FA Blue Pro Plus and an older NooElec. R820T.

Actually, in my experience, it depends on the method used. China Post gets here in a couple of weeks. On the other hand, ePacket is the one that gets here when the waves move this way.:smile:

I just received my new VNA, two weeks with China Post. This thing is ‘cute’.:wink:

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Anyone know of a North American source for a bias tee that will work with the RTL-SDR LNA?

Just use a dongle with builtin bias-t: https://www.nooelec.com/store/nesdr-smartee-sdr.html

Thanks found that item on Amazon with free overnight delivery. I’ll give it a try.