RTL-SDR Blog Amp/Filter Combo: First Impressions


Disclaimer: Very early impressions/results.YMMV

Received the little eBay Bias-T board to power the RTL-SDR Blog Amp/Filter combo. There are other ways to provide the required 5V, but I chose this method.

It replaced an FA filter and ProStick+. Looking at the ADS-B Receiver graphs, it appears the SNR is 2-3 dBs better.

Again, very early results. I would very much like to hear from others experimenting with this combination.


I replaced a LA 922-20 20dB Blonder Tongue amp and FA filter with this amp in Feb. So far per Joe’s graphs and FA’s ratings I have had a good boost on message rate and aircraft seen. I’m powering it with the RTL-SDR bias-TCaptureCapture1