route abbreviations

Could routing be shown in clear text along with the abbreviations. :unamused: :bulb:

It takes up too much room to show the full route. For example, COA1195 from BOS to EWR on 20 Feb flew GLYDE V292 BAF V292 V213 SAX (28 characters). Decoded would take 50 characters (GLYDE V292 Barnes VORTAC V292 V213 Sparta VORTAC). Combining both the encoded and decoded route would take at least 79 characters (28 + 50 + a character dividing the encoded from the decoded).

It’s better to use the FAA Locations Identifiers handbook found at to decode the three letter codes. I suggestion downloading the HTML version of the decoding section to your harddrive for faster access. You could also download the PDF version to get both the decoded and encoded identifiers in one file.

taken from the ASAs FAR/AIM and Flight Crew 2005 Update is an example for ALB J37 ENO J14 BHM.
Spelled out: from Albany, New York, via Jet Route 37 transitioning to Jet Route 14 at Smyrna VORTAC (ENO) thence via Jet Route 14 to Birmingham, Alabama.

Since orgin and destination are already shown they could be dropped. Other common repetitive abbreviations or symbols could be used and still provide in the clear text that would ease reading routes.

It would take up a fair amount of room to write out the route in clear text, and keeping with the “real” theme of FA, it would only be appropriate to leave the route description exactly as it comes direct from flight plans.

HOWEVER, given all of the neat pop-up info that FA has been adding, it would certainly be a big plus to be able to hover the mouse over something like a VOR ident have have a tool tip pop up the name/location of the VOR. That would give the best of both worlds since it would maintain consistancy with the true route as filed and give lookup info for the VORs that we don’t know. And NOBODY knows all of them!

It’s already been mentioned by FA that the planned routes will eventually be added to the graphical display. Hopefully they will be able to also have similar mouse-hover popups.

This is an option that may help a little – Online Aeronautical Charts. U.S. Sectional Charts that you can view in detail. Select chart from U.S. map at right or enter 5-letter airspace fix or 3-letter airport I.D. or 3-letter VOR I.D. Click and drag to move maps. Use slider to zoom. Too bad that IFR charts are not also available. I just emailed them to inquire if that is in their plans.

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