Ron White's tail number


Anybody have the tail number for Ron White’s plane, It’s called “tater air” or “air tater” just curious what he rides on. Thanks!

Ron "tater salad " White

Love the Tater! Last I heard he was still driving a luxury coach (RV). But if he has made the upgrade, the best way to find him his by matching his tour schedule to the great “other flights between these airports” feature that FlightAware provides. Look for late-night departures and arrivals into the wee hours that would fit the showbiz life style. Good luck!


Ran into him in park rapids mn. a while back, he was on a chartered learjet.


Wasn’t there something in the news a few months back about him being intoxicated and causing a problem on a plane? It may have been a charter but I don’t know.

#5 … 5ac892.jpg

N711KE … ?3876=1424

Aircraft Owned by Ron White Drug Addict
FAA Registry Info
Serial Number: 288
Year: 1980
Registrant: Corporation
Name: Independent Cuss Llc
Street: C/O Bubush Neiman Kornman & Johns
Street2: 5909 Peachtree Dunwood Rd Ste 800
City: Atlanta
State: GA
Postal: 30328
Country: US
Last Activity: 12/8/2006
Certificate Issue: 12/8/2006
Certification: Standard
Aircraft Type: Fixed wing multi-engine
Engine Type: Turbo-fan
Status Code: Assigned
Airworthiness: 5/7/1991

FAA Aircraft Info
Manufacturer: Israel Aircraft Industries
Model: 1124
Category: Land
Engines: 2
Seats: 10
Weight: Class 2
Speed: 390
Registered: 156
Min Year: 1971
Max Year: 1995
Listings: 11
FAA Engine Info
Manufacturer: Garrett
Model: TFE 731 SER
Horse Power: 3500


He sold it and flys on NetJets now. One of the FO’s from my last company use to work for him and developed a hankering for Blue Label…