resurrected: european aviation air charter

I thought they went out of business?

This flight is for Sunwing Airlines, nothing to do with European Aviation Air Charter.

How can you tell?

I checked the flight number and it belongs to Sunwing Airlines, flying PH-HZE. Also, I work for another division of EAAC and know that we have nothing flying, at the moment.

I thought Sunwing was from Canada??

Sunwing is a Canada based travel company. The aircraft in question,
PH-HZE is leased by them from Transavia and flies from Miami to
Cancun and other Mexican destinations. Because it is flying internationally there is a problem with identifying whose aircraft it is and in this case it is being misidentified as being an EAAC aircraft when it actually belongs to Sunwing.

Ahhhh got ya. I can recall back in the day Air Transat would lease a/c from Virgin express with G reg. I’d see them on CYYZ, CYHZ,CYUL - KPIE turns. I think when the “Season” for travel down south is up you’ll see those a/c go back home. I’d imagine with the flu issues that might come sooner rather then later. I’m actually surprised it has not happened yet, our “Season” for snow birds useually ends around April 1st.

No idea how you found this thread after 3 months (I completely forgot), but really wanted to know the answer. Thanks for the clarification