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Resolving Skyview console errors (re: "about:blank" image)

I’m not sure if there is an actual “bug report” forum or not, but I was looking at by browser console and noticed all of the errors trying to load an img called “about:blank”. I tracked this down to the ‘Flag’ column in the template.

This should either be done with an actual blank png flag image, or just an inlined ‘data’ source, like:

<img style="width: 20px; height=12px" src="" alt="Flag">

That ‘data’ is just a transparent 1x1 pixel GIF.

This should be pretty portable, unless you’re still trying to support something ancient like IE7… I haven’t tested it on anything other than a contemporary browser, and it works fine on those.

This is in the “index.html” file, under the “plane_row_template” definition (line 236).

Hope this helps.