Request removing query limits

I’m in the plan where it appears we have 5 queries per second. We’re a small business with an iOS app for airline pilots. The app sends requests to our server, the server goes to AeroAPI and returns the results back to the server which then go back to the iOS app. As a result it seems it could be very easy for us to exceed the 5 queries per second. I also use another service which I’d like to move away from where there are no query limits, we just pay for each query. I suggest AeroAPI adopt the same system, remove the query limit as we are paying based on queries. A monthly minimum of $1k/mo is not in our budget. This is a nice to have feature we provide our customers for free but not required but it adds value to our offering.

Please consider removing query limits again as we are paying for the queries and should not be restricted which in the ends hurts your business model as well.

Thank you.

Hi neal007,

The query limits are in place to ensure that everyone has equitable availability to the resources within their tier limits. As everyone is paying the same price per query, someone rapidly making queries and tying up the system on the personal tier would not allow other users on the personal tier to access the data. A company or individual committing to a larger monthly spend would then be able to achieve a higher limit, while still being limited to allow all other calls within the other tiers equitable access to the data.

I did not see an account under your username but if you could provide the username the account is under, I could look over the account to see if we might be running into the limits you bring up.


Thanks for the reply @cbw, I’m in the process of getting the usernames changed, it’s now NCSoftware and waiting on the forum username to change per my request to them. I’m in the Standard tier and just now completing the implementation of the AeroAPI and entered limited beta with staff only so we’re not in production yet to where we can see if this is going to be an issue. I just think the query limits for this tier and even the higher tier are not where I’d expect in 2022 for server abilities to handle much higher demand. We don’t want our services failing and also don’t want to be in a $1000 monthly min for something we may not get anywhere near in query fees but need higher capacity for query limits as we may pass in a day or two of an airline pilots flying to close out and do this times the number of our customers flying in a day, could exceed a time limit on queries. I guess we’ll see, we just don’t have this concern with another provider but want to use your new API as you have a great reputation on data.