Request Authorization Required


I am getting below Error while accessing Flight Aware API

"The request failed with HTTP status 401: Authorization Required”’.

We’re using C# to invoke the service, and we did not have changed anythings in our code.

My account : “rossc” .Please help,

var flightAware = new FlightXML2();

flightAware.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(“Username”, “Password”);
flightAware.PreAuthenticate = true;
flightAware.SetMaximumResultSize(100);//Exception here


For the credentials, are you using the account password or the key?

Your FlightXML 2 API key appears to be disabled. Did you manually click the “X” to disable your key on May 15 via the page?

It likes that: ‘47f7b1fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’.

No, we did not click “X” as above-mentioned.

Please request a new API key via the link near the bottom of page and use that in your application. Do not publish your API key on these forums or any other public manner.