Repo by Harley Davidson Financial in TX

This is a warning to all plane owners… about Harley Davidson Financial in TX and how quickly they will Repo your plane!

We owned N1278J for 17 years. NEVER made a late payment until almost the end of the 15 yr term. Then, we had some financial problems and were late on 2 months payments. Payments were less than $400/mo. We were in constant contact with Harley Davidson and told them of our issues but that we planned to be current again within a month and were trying to sell the plane in a down market. We found a buyer, told them the buyers name, and they Foreclosed that same week, taking the plane. Harley Davidson is not trustworthy. They lied to me all the way. And that’s after paying them on time, every month, for the past 15 years.

I would not finance anything through Harley Davidson Financial again.

Be warned.

Looks,like they found a buyer before you did.