Real weather in FS2004


I have a problem with real weather in FS2004. Actually 2 problems.

First one:
I choose Real Weather to load in FS and the weather is ALWAYS different than it is in reality. So do I have sth wrong with my FS or just informations about weather on JEPESSEN are old and not actual?

Second one:
Yesterday (and I have the same problem always when I use Real Weather) I used Real Weather refreshing every 15 minutes. I have RW loaded and I begin a flight. Temperature on the ground is the same as it is in “Weather” so everything is ok. But when I reach e.g. 36000 feet temperature is -31C in spite of the fact that it was supposed to be -55C because in “Weather” it was configurated to be -55C. Do you have the same problem? What’s wrong with it…?