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Radarbox AirNav Setup | Thoughts

Thanks to your help I’ve found a cheap offer for the RB Airnav setup, and I purchased the green usb stick with the 1090Mhz outdoor antenna.

The first thing that I noticed is how hot this dongle became.
So I opened it and I put a couple of heatsinks on those two chipset but also the DC regulator runs around 50°C (122°F).

I’m a little bit scared about using that on summer ( here we can get around 40°C (104°F) in the hottest days) so I plan to put It on the north face of the building were is in not affected by sunlight.

The second thing is related to the results that are not much better than the Nooelec Dongle ( which runs cooler thanks to the heatsinks built-in) and the cute general purpose antenna for DVB-T.
Looks like that I can spot only high altitude planes (check the last pic)
Could this be related to the 10Meter coax cable? How much would I gain if I cut this by 2 o 3 meters?

Those are the results that I achieved with my test last day, 6th floor balcony with:

North horizon view
Est Almost Clear, more wall from my building
Ovest Almost Clear
South my wall from my building

11:00 to 14:00 are referred to another location which is clearly worse than the one from 15:20 to 16:40 which is one that I’m talking about

First off you might want to set your location.
If you are feeding FA, that’s done on your stats page.

Might not take effect until you restart piaware and dump1090-fa or just do sudo reboot.

In regards to range, a view of the horizon doesn’t mean all that much.
If the horizon is a hill, then you don’t really see the horizon :wink:
Well technically it’s the horizon i think but … you get the picture, you can’t look straight, but only slightly up.
Check this page in regards to the possible range you can get:

Hi man, still not feeding until the all setup will be permanent.
I’ve already used the tool in the thread, those are the results ad different altitudes

I opened the case and leaved it open with small heatsinks on chip and 3 other on the bottom part of the pcb

You can also add the max range as an overlay, see only point 11 of this post:
Bake a Pi

done it now.

Shortening the coax cable by 2 or 3 meters could be a significant improvement? ( Stock is 10m)

All depends of the loss the coax has, which depends on the specific product.

there is this table on the coax: 8252m

this thing really runs hot, i wired up a DS18B20 to check temps every 1min.
I mounted a small heatsink ( the one for the small usb chip for RPi) and…

Those are the results: