quick question about aircraft safety sites


Hi, i was wondering if theres any websites that have up to date realtime or close to real time airplane emergencies and crashes, like listen to live ATC or data?

EXAMPLE , a plane flying over Hawaii calls in an emergency , there a site i can go to that will show me planes with emergencies, that way we can listen to the ATC , or look at the nature of emergency?

i figured i’d ask cuz it be something interesting to listen/look at. I havn’t came across anything so thats why im asking. thnx

also , i lost the link to the site where i can listen to live ATC around the USA. Someone have that link? thnx


The link you are looking for to listen to live feeds is http://www.liveatc.net. I don’t know of any that specialize in onging emergencies.


Not quite what you may be looking for, but interesting website nether the less.


From there, you can get .kml files to feed into Google Earth for incidents and accidents AFTER they have happened at visz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/services.php?lang=eng

Along with airplane incidents, you can get .kml files for severe weather, earth quakes, biological hazards, vehicular accidents of major consequences and so on.