Questions about Southwest Airlines


When is Southwest 737-800’s maiden flight?

Why doesn’t San Diego have plans to begin flights to Atlanta on SWA?

What planes will Southwest Retire when it gets its massive 737 order?


The first scheduled 737-800 flight will be flight 1717 April 11, MDW-FLL.

Eventually SAN-ATL will probably return and be a WN flight at some point, but it isn’t now because the codeshare with FL is not in place and will not be until next year. SAN-ATL requires feed from connections on the ATL end to be financially viable. With fuel costs as high as they are, SAN-ATL is a very marginal route, especially without connections to support it.

WN will be retiring all the 737-300’s and 737-500’s (and already is) and will begin retiring older 737-700’s as 737NEO’s begin to arrive.